Ferrum 201: Fall 2003
First Year Experience for Transfer Students

Dr. Tina L. Hanlon

Associate Professor of English

Dear Students: Welcome to Ferrum! I hope your first days of classes are going well. Your syllabus is below and other documents will appear here in the course of the semester.

Our group meeting time: Wednesday, noon

Place: Library Addition 202A (unless we decide to meet elsewhere some weeks)

LAST GROUP MEETING: Wed., Dec. 3. Be sure you have taken Myers-Briggs Survey. Leslie Holden from Career Services will discuss it with you today.

Myers-Briggs Survey. Be sure you have taken this survey by mid-October. The Career Services Office in Bassett will administer it to you. It takes 30-40 minutes.

Reminder: Check your campus e-mail often for messages from me and other important college items. (And don't let your campus e-mail box get full. You need to download message from the server if your mailbox gets too full and empty the deleted messages folder in order to keep your e-mail account functioning.)

Another Reminder: If you have been missing class, you need to let me know and do the make-up work. See instructions below.

Group Meetings:

Orientation: Sunday, Aug. 31, 1:30-2:00 in Beckham 7

  1. Wed., Sept. 3 in LA 202A.

  2. Wed., Sept. 10. Discussion of college resources and Ferrum 101 syllabus

  3. Wed., Sept. 17. Work on College Resources Scavenger Hunt.

  4. Wed., Sept. 24, in cafeteria at noon. Review answers to the college resources scavenger hunt.

  5. Wed., Oct. 1, go to Main Library for session with Mr. Loveland on library resources.

  6. Wed., Oct. 8. Meet in LA202A to review completed library resources scavenger hunt and college resources scavenger hunt. Be sure to bring both with you to class. (And if you didn't, be sure to turn it in later.)

  7. Wed., Oct. 15. Meet in LA202A to discuss study skills. Be prepared to tell the class about the most valuable study skills guide(s) you have found on the Internet, or the results of your Study Skill Checklist, or some other study skills method that you find especially effective.

  8. Wed. Nov. 5, LA 202A

  9. Wed., Nov. 19, LA 202A (this is a change from what we agreed on at midterm)

  10. Wed., Dec. 3

Tina Hanlon's Office Hours, Britt 205:

M, W, F: 10-11:30
T, Th: 3-4
And by appointment

Composition Center: M, W: 3-4:30; T, Th: 1-3; F 1-2    

Phone: 365-4327

Syllabus for Ferrum 201, Transfer Students

Ferrum 201: This pass-fail course is designed to help you learn about Ferrum College and make a plan to earn a degree that can help you meet your life goals. The course consists almost exclusively of meetings with a small group of students and individual meetings and communication with your advisor.

Goals: At the end of Ferrum 201, you should be generally familiar with the college’s academic policies as set forth in the catalog and with behavioral expectations, some of which are set forth in the student handbook. You should have made a plan for the rest of your college career, know how to use the college’s resources, and understand your own responsibilities as a college student. See the Checklist for Transfer Students.

Students will demonstrate general familiarity with the following:

Texts: Ferrum College Catalog 2003-2004, Ferrum College Student Handbook 2003-2004 (available online), Ferrum College Foundations Standards (printed in various places including the catalog).

You may be asked to examine other documents, reports, web pages that will be provided during the semester.

Requirements: You are required to meet with our group at least 10 times during the semester to discuss that session’s topic, to meet with your advisor every other week to discuss your academic progress and any issues you’d like to bring up, and to work with your advisor to make a plan for the rest of your college career.

The Checklist of Ferrum 201 Course Requirements must be completed by the end of the semester with a checkmark next to every item in order for you to pass Ferrum 201. It lists the requirements below as well as the library exercise, study skills assignment, and college resources scavenger hunt.

If you must be absent from a group meeting, you must call me in advance, then talk with a classmate about what we discussed and write a one-page paper on that topic. If you must miss an appointment with me, you need to call in advance to reschedule.

This is a pass/fail class. In order to pass, you must:

Other Notes: I am here to help you succeed. Please come by, call, or e-mail me whenever you have a question or problem, or just to share a success. If I cannot help you, I can refer you to someone who can.

Ferrum College Links:

Academic Resources Center

ARC Tutoring Center

Ferrum College Composition Center

Stanley Library at Ferrum College

Campus Update (events calendar), with links to campus news and press releases

Study Guides:

Guidelines for Proofreading:
Marking Symbols and Terms for English Papers

General Guidelines for Writing Literature Papers
(Some pages are designed for sophomore literature classes, but some of the guidelines may be especially helpful with your first short paper.)

Pointers for Taking Essay Tests - by Tina L. Hanlon

General Guidelines for Reading and Analyzing Literature - by Tina L. Hanlon

Study Skills on the Web - links to resources for improving study skills

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