Tina L. Hanlon, Ph. D.

Ferrum College, Virginia, USA


Crosscurrents of Childrens Literature: An Anthology of Texts and Criticism. Co-editor, with J. D. Stahl and Elizabeth Lennox Keyser. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.

AppLit: Resources for Readers and Teachers of Appalachian Literature for Children and Young Adults, co-director of web site, 2000-2006; director of web site 2006-present. Sections written by Tina Hanlon include annotated bibliographies and study guides as well as the following essays:

Invited Chapters

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Forthcoming: “Lotteries and Scapegoats: Literary Antecedents and Influences.” Critical Insights: The Hunger Games. Ed. Lana A. Whited. Grey House, 2016.

Forthcoming: Survey of folk and fairy tales in children’s literature. The Blackwell Companion to Children’s Literature. Ed. Karen Coats and Deborah Stevenson. Blackwell Publishing.So Quarterly cover 2917

peer-reviewed journals

“Struggles for Life, Liberty, and Land: Mining Communities in Appalachian Children’s Books.” Southern Quarterly: A Journal of Arts and Letters in the South 54 (Spring/Summer 2017), pp. 94-113. Special issue on The Child in the South, edited by Mark I. West.

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Available online through library services such as Project Muse.

other articles

Wedding Belles Rings in 30th Anniversary Season of Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre with Heartwarming Hilarity.” The Franklin News-Post [Rocky Mount, VA] 15 May 2009, p. 3-A.

Capturing Characters on Stage for the College and Community: An Interview with Playwright Rex Stephenson. Photos by Jeff Dalton. Virginia Libraries, vol. 54, nos. 3 & 4 (2008), pp. 7-12. Available as pdf at journal web site. Reprinted at ilovelibraries.org, American Library Association, July 2009.

Chinese Students Learn Jack Tales. AppLit 24 June 2006. In The Franklin News-Post [Rocky Mount, VA] 19 June 2006, with headline China Students Learn about Jack Tales.

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reference books

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other publications

“Interview with Rex Stephenson on The Jack Tale Players.” Guest blog. Home to Author-Illustrator-Teacher-Speaker Elizabeth O. Dulemba. 7 Jan. 2016.

Dragons in Children's Literature, 2001-13. Web site includes annotated bibliographies, 2002 essay “It was Against the Rule: Secret Dragons at School,” and book reviews by children.Grandmother Tales cover

Background on the Tales and Questions for Discussion. In Grandmother Tales: Mutsmag and Ashpet, Traditional Tales from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Script by R. Rex Stephenson. Charlottesville, VA: New Plays for Children, 2004. pp. 28-32.
Reprint Woodstock, IL: Dramatic Publishing, 2012.

Introduction and Study Guide to Kipling’s The Jungle Book, dramatic adaptation by R. Rex Stephenson. Charlottesville, VA: New Plays for Children, 1998. Reprint Leicester Bay Theatricals [2013].

“A Study of Work in Children’s Literature.” Essay with annotated bibliography (also compiled by F. Angel, M. Moody and J. Teaford), published by ERIC, 1997 (ERIC no. ED408495).

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