Curriculum Vitae: Tina L. Hanlon, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of English
Ferrum College
, Virginia, USA
Teaching Experience
Presentations and Conferences
Professional Service, Awards and Grants
College and Community Activities

B. A. in English, 1975
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
Summa Cum Laude, Honors in English
National Merit Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa
Ph.D. in English, 1983; M. A. in English, 1978
The Ohio State University

Graduate Study:

Dissertation:  Supporting Characters and Rural Communities in the Novels of George Eliot and Thomas Hardy

Dissertation Directors:  Dr. Arnold Shapiro and Dr. Richard Altick

Ph.D. Examination Areas:
Nineteenth-Century British Literature (major area),
Linguistics, Modern British and American Literature, Medieval Literature
Reading Languages: French, German
Hollins College Graduate Program in Children’s Literature:
Completed five graduate courses in history and criticism of children’s literature (summer 1993, 1994)
Audited 3 graduate courses in children’s literature (1993, 1994, 1998)
Shenandoah University Children’s Literature Conference (summer 1995):
“Exploring the Natural World Through Children’s Literature” (3 hours graduate credit)

Ferrum College:  
Assistant Professor of English:  Aug. 1992 to May 1996
Associate Professor of English since May 1996

Courses Taught:

English 101 and English 102:  Composition and Rhetoric
English 102/207, Appalachian Cluster
English 204: British Literature II
English 205: American Literature I
English 206: American Literature II
English 207: Appalachian Literature
English 207: World Folktales and Literature
English 301: Literature for Children and Adolescents
English 336: Linguistics
English 362: British Literature 1798-1890
English 461: Professional Writing
Ferrum 101 and Ferrum 201: First-Year Experience

Team-taught environmental science courses: Science 141 and 143
Guest lecturer in annual Holocaust course, 2000-2009

Faculty Tutor in Writing Center

Hollins University Summer Graduate Program in Children's Literature:
Summer 1998:  Taught Traditions and Adaptations in Literature for Young Children
Summer 2003:  Taught History and Criticism of Children's Literature
Summer 2005: English 535: Traditions and Adaptations in Literature for Young Children: Appalachian Emphasis
2002-03:  Reader of M. A. thesis on Appalachian folktales for children and young adults
2005-06: Director of two independent studies: Southern Folklore and Children's Literature, and Regional Literature of California
2006: Second reader for Marion Sader's M.A. thesis on Uri Orlev's Holocaust books
2007: Second reader for Shelby Mahan's creative M.A. thesis
Summer 2007: Team-taught Children and Poetry with Morag Styles

2009: Reader of critical essay for Reggie Episale's M.F.A. thesis (detective fiction)
2010: Second reader for Leslie Wessel's M.A. thesis on rhyme in picture and board books

Marshall University Graduate College, West Virginia
1997-98:  Directed M. A. thesis on Appalachian picture books by Judy A. Teaford
Concord College:  Assistant Professor of English Aug. 1985 to Aug. 1992

Taught Composition and Rhetoric (101-102), English Grammar, Professional Report Writing, World Literature, British Literature Survey to Renaissance, Writing about Literature, and 300-400-level mini-courses on Thomas Hardy, George Eliot, Victorian Poetry, T. S. Eliot, Malamud/Updike, Contemporary Women’s Literature in Film
Thiel College
Temporary Assistant Professor of English 8/84 to 5/85
Freshman Composition, Technical Writing, American Literature Surveys
The Ohio State University
Teaching Assistant and Lecturer in English 9/75 to 8/84
Taught freshman composition, technical writing, business writing, introduction to fiction
Assisted in course on the Bible as literature
Ferrum College Summer Enrichment Camp: Summer 2009
Designed and taught one-week course for middle-school students on Dragon Lore and Literature
Elderhostel Instructor:  Summer 1988, 1990, 1992, Concord College
Designed and taught courses “You’re Not from Around Here, Are You? American Dialects” and “American Short Stories in Film”

PUBLICATIONS at this link

Oct. 16, 2009

"Clustering Students and Creating Appalachian Partnerships: Ferrum's Model for Sustainable Learning Outside the Classroom," with Susan Mead and Carolyn Thomas. Appalachian College Association Summit XII, Abingdon, VA. (PowerPoint available on request)

June 12, 2009 "Three Recent Developments in Appalachian Fiction for Children: Regionalism in a New Century." Children's Literature Association Conference, Charlotte, NC.
Nov. 18, 2008 Presentation on Gender Roles in Folktales and Literature, with student writing from English 207: World Folktales and Literature, and English 301: Literature for Children and Adolescents. Arts and Humanities Theme Conference: Gender Roles in a Shrinking World. Ferrum College.
Oct. 17, 2008 Presentation on World Folktales and Literature, in panel on Strategically Integrating and Expanding Global Learning Across the Curriculum. Appalachian College Association Summit XI: Success Through Change. Abingdon, VA. (PowerPoint available on request)
June 2008

"Reimagining Normal in Literary Depictions of Language Change and Dialect Diversity," Children's Literature Association Conference, Illinois State Univ., Normal, IL.

Apr. 11, 2008 Presentation on Bringing Appalachia into the Classroom at Clinch Regional Spring Conference, Virginia Educational Media Association, Abingdon, VA. (PowerPoint available on request)
Mar. 20, 2008 Program on Appalachian Folktales, with Rex Stephenson. Third Thursdays program. Riverviews Artspace, Lynchburg, VA. (PowerPoint available on request, handout with timeline of Appalachian folktales available at this link)
Oct. 19, 2007 "'Way back yonder' But Not So Far Away: Teaching with Appalachian Folktales." Appalachian College Association Summit X: Mountain Trails, Global Highways. Abingdon, VA. (PowerPoint available on request)
July 18, 2007 Read "Chinese Students Learn Jack Tales" at faculty reading, Hollins University Summer Graduate Program in Childrenís Literature.
June 2007 Chair and presenter (with Susan Virginia Mead), panel on Virginia Fiction and Folktales for Children, Children's Literature Association Conference, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA. (PowerPoint available on request)
Mar. 2007  "'Read my tales, spin my rhymes': James Stillís Books for Children," Seventh Biennial Conference on Modern Critical Approaches to Childrenís Literature, Nashville. (PowerPoint available on request)
Mar. 24, 2007 Chair and panelist, "Who Is Telling the Story? Blending Oral History and Academic Writing,"  Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Maryville College, Maryville, TN. (PowerPoint available on request)
June 23, 2006 "May Justus and James Still: Appalachian Authors Serving Children and the Community," Workshop on The Folk School Concept in Appalachia, The Highlander Center, New Market, TN. (PowerPoint available on request)
June 8, 2006 Chair of session "Transforming Children's Awareness of Regional Culture and Literature," Children's Literature Association Conference, Manhattan Beach, CA.
Mar. 18, 2006 Chair of session "Connecting Teaching, Research and Service with Appalachian Literature and Folklore," Presented "Digging Deeper in the Oral Tradition: Faculty/Student Research on Appalachian Folktales." Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Dayton, Ohio. (PowerPoint available on request)
Oct. 27, 2005 "Studying the Oral Tradition with Folktales in the James Taylor Adams Collection," presentation with Ferrum College student Michelle Vincent on her Lee B. Ledford summer scholarship project, 2005 ACA Summit, Abingdon, VA. (PowerPoint available on request)
Aug. 27, 2005 Panel participant, "Regional Literary Resources for Parents and Educators," Franklin County Book Festival, Rocky Mount, VA.
Aug. 26, 2005 Presentation on Appalachian Children's Literature for southwestern Virginia youth librarians, Roanoke, VA.
Aug. 14, 2005 "From Fool of the World to Regional Trickster: Adaptations of European-American Folktales in Appalachia," Congress of the International Research Society for Children's Literature, Dublin.
Mar. 18, 2005 "Vital Words and Actions in the Works of May Justus and Richard Chase," Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Radford University.
Nov. 2004 Participant in ALCA session, National Council of Teachers of English Convention, Indianapolis.
Nov. 2004 Chair of special session "Teaching Appalachia: Expanding the Boundaries," South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, Roanoke, VA.
June 4, 2004

With George Loveland, presented "Researching Appalachia" at the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, Appalachia Up Close: Regional Study and the Liberal Arts, Ferrum College, VA.

May 20, 2004 Presentation on Appalachia and Children's Literature for English faculty and students, Pskov Pedagogical Institute, Pskov, Russia, during study tour of Russia.
Mar. 27, 2004 "Cherokee Culture in Picture Books," presentation in panel "Building Hope and Healing through Appalachian Literature: Celebrating Cultural Diversity with our Children," Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Cherokee, NC.
Nov. 14, 2003 "Intertextuality in Contemporary Fairy Tale Illustration," South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, Children's Literature Discussion Circle session on "Embedded Texts," Atlanta.
Nov. 7, 2003 Presented display of African American children's literature at African American Literature Conference, Ferrum College. Also judged student posters.
Nov. 1, 2003 "Harry Potter and the Tradition of Fantasy," presentation at Magic for Muggles: A Harry Potter Experience, Ferrum College. Also moderated opening ceremony and Charms class for children, presented display on dragons in children's literature.
June 2003

"'It was sad, but it was good': Appalachian Folklore and History in Stories by Virginia Hamilton," Children's Literature Association Conference, El Paso, Texas.

Mar. 2003 Participant in panel discussion on Appalachian Literature at the Christiansburg, VA Barnes and Noble store.
Mar. 2003 Chair of session "Folkways in Appalachian Children’s Books" at Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Richmond, KY. Presented paper "Folktales in Appalachian Fiction for Children and Young Adults." See Abstracts online.
Nov. 2002 "The Taming of the Dragon in Modern Fantasy," South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, Science Fiction and Fantasy session, Baltimore.
June 2002 "It 'was Against the Rule': Secret Dragons at School," Children's Literature Association Conference, Wyoming Seminary, PA.
June 2002 With Carolyn Thomas, presented “Ecology and Literature for Children and Adolescents” at the NEH Institute Regional Studies for Liberal Arts Learning: An Appalachian Exemplar, Ferrum College. See Science 141 and 143.
Mar. 2002 Participant in panel discussion on "Appalachia, Undergraduates, and Interdisciplinary Learning," led by Peter Crow, Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Unicoi State Park, Georgia. Also presented a display on the project Teaching Appalachian Literature.
Oct. 2001 "Developing Internet Resources for Teaching Appalachian Literature," Appalachian College Association Technology Summit IV, Johnson City, Tennessee.
Sept. 2001 With R. Rex Stephenson, "Teaching with Appalachian Folktales," Appalachian Teachers' Network Conference, Radford Univ., VA.
July 2001 Leader of one-week workshop for participants in NEH project Teaching Appalachian Literature, Ferrum College.
June 2001 Chair of session on Appalachian Children's Literature, Children's Literature Association Conference, Buffalo.  Presented paper "'Voices and Visions':  Appalachian Folktales in Oral Storytelling and Picture Books."
Apr. 2001 "Adapting Folktales for the Stage: The Literary Critic's Point of View," paper presented in conjunction with Rex Stephenson's presentation "The Playwright's Point of View," at Fourth Biennial Conference on Modern Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature, Nashville.
Mar. 2001 Presented display on web site AppLit, Appalachian Studies Association Conference. Snowshoe, WV.
June 2000 Children's Literature Association Conference, Roanoke. Member of planning committee and paper selection committee. Chaired sessions on Harry Potter, Appalachian Children's Literature (2 sessions), and Regional Children's Literature. Introduced illustrator Ruth Sanderson and performance by The Jack Tale Players.
May 2000 Participant in one-week Workshop on Web-based Appalachian Literature Resources, sponsored by Appalachian College Association and Ferrum College, created web site AppLit.
Nov. 2000 “Teaching with Appalachian Folktales,” with former student Jack Tale Player Walter Pollard, presentation at Explore Park’s Second Blue Ridge Symposium, Roanoke.
Sept. 2000 “Fine Art and Fantasy in Recent Picture Books by Russian Illustrators,” paper presented at conference Reading Pictures: Art, Narrative and Childhood, Homerton College, Cambridge University, UK.
Aug. 2000 “Exploring Cultural Diversity and Literary Techniques with American Picture Books for Older Students,” presentation at NCTE Fourth International Conference for Global Conversations on Language and Literature, Univ. of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Mar. 2000 Organizer, with Judy Teaford, of two sessions surveying Appalachian Children’s Literature at Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Knoxville, TN. Chaired one session and presented “Oral Traditions and Modern Adaptations: Appalachian Folktales in Children’s Literature.”
Dec. 1999 “Magical Realism in Picture Book Transformations,” Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago.
Dec. 1999 Workshop on Teaching Appalachian Folktales, Ferrum College Education Research Seminar.
Oct. 1999 “Popular Culture and Intertextuality in Willa: An American Snow White,” Popular Culture in the South Conference, Roanoke.
Sept.1999 Workshop on Mountain Humor in Folklore, with Judy Teaford, Appalachian Teachers' Network Conference, Radford, VA.
July 1999 “How Green Was My Bedtime Story: Adaptations of Traditional Lore in Ecological Children’s Books,” joint conference of Children’s Literature Association and International Research Society for Children’s Literature, Calgary U. Bibliography online at
Fall 1999 Participant in Ferrum faculty conversation series on Eastern Mysticism, Culture, and Society with Dr. Kisor Chakrabarti.
Mar. 1999 Organizer of session on "Adaptations of Traditional Lore in Contemporary Children’s Literature," and presenter of paper “Magic and Reality in Tom Davenport’s Fairy Tale Films,” Third Biennial Conference on Modern Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature, Nashville.
Mar. 1999 “Transplanted in Appalachia: Picture Books by Barry Moser,” presented at Ferrum faculty colloquium 1998, and Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Abingdon. Revised version online at
Oct. 1998 “Environmental Science and Humanities Collaboration Using the Internet and Other Software Resources,” presentation with Carolyn Thomas at Appalachian College Association Technology Summit, Knoxville, TN.
July 1998 “The Art and the Dragon,” Children’s Literature Association 25th Annual Conference, Paris, France.
Apr. 1998 Virginia Humanities Conference, Ferrum College:
Presented “Once Upon a Time in Appalachia:  Tom Davenport’s Fairy Tale Films” (Abstract online at AppLit).
Organized and chaired session on Appalachian picture books.
Introduced author George Ella Lyon.
1997, 1998 Organizer and co-presenter of workshops on language and gender, Ferrum College Women’s Leadership Conference.
1997, 1998 Participant in Ferrum faculty conversation series on African literature with Dr. Emmanuel Obiechina.
Nov. 1997 Chair of Children's Literature Discussion Circle, session on "Innocence and Experience," South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, Atlanta.
Aug. 1997 “The Descendants of Robinson Crusoe in North American Children’s Literature,” Congress of International Research Society for Children’s Literature, York, England.
Apr. 1997 Organizer of session “Twain on Stage and Screen,” and presenter, with Rex Stephenson, of “Dramatizing Huckleberry Finn in 1996” at Second Biennial Conference on Modern Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature, Nashville.
Nov. 1996 “Once Upon a Time in Freshman Composition”: essay on using fairy tales in freshman composition, presented in Composition section at South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, Savannah.
June 1996 “Boy and Girl, Then and Now: Portrayals of Childhood in The Mill on the Floss and Tom’s Midnight Garden,” Children’s Literature Association Conference, Charlotte.
Mar. 1996 Organized session on drama for children, VA Humanities Conference, Charlottesville; presented “Jack Tales in Appalachia.”
Nov. 1995 “‘To Sleep, Perchance to Dream’: Sleeping Beauties and Wide Awake Plain Janes in the Stories of Jane Yolen,” paper presented at South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, Atlanta.
July 1995 “Nature and the Individual in Children’s Books Set on Islands,” workshop presented at Shenandoah University Children’s Literature Conference.
1995, 1996 Participant in Ferrum College Summer Writing Workshop.
May 1995 Presentation on picture books at Beckley Junior High, WV.
April 1995 “Peter Pan, Tom Sawyer, and the Myth of Childhood,” First Biennial Conference on Modern Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature, Nashville.
Mar. 1995  “The Taming of the Dragon in Modern Picture Books,” International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale.
Apr. 1994 "Strong Women in Appalachian Folktales," Virginia Humanities Conference, Christopher Newport University (published in conference Proceedings).
1993-1994 “Sons and Daughters of Robinson Crusoe: Redefining the Home in Island Novels,” essay presented at Ferrum College faculty colloquium and Children’s Literature Association Annual Conference, June 1994.
Jan. 1993 Moderator of session, “Androgyny and Art:  Transcending the Barriers,” at Eighteenth Annual Conference on Literature and Film, Florida State University.
July 1992 Developed and taught two one-week workshops for faculty/staff on Macintosh word processing at Concord College.
Feb. 1992 Moderator of session, “Compromise and Betrayal: Southern Literature and Film,” at Seventeenth Annual Conference on Literature and Film, Florida State University.
Feb. 1991 “Outsiders and the Rural Community in Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd and The Woodlanders,” Philological Association of the Carolinas Annual Meeting.
1988-1991 Presentations for AAUW and student groups on dialects, sexism in language, essay writing, and “Literary Landmarks of Nineteenth-Century Britain,” at Concord College, Athens, WV.
2008-11 Publicity Committee, Children's Literature Association
2010 Four-star peer review in MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching) for web site AppLit
June 2009 Temporary member of executive board, Children's Literature Association
2007-08 Appalachian College Association Faculty Fellowship for work on Mutsmag and Other Heroines: Appalachian Folktales
2006-07 Participant in project Teachers for the 21st Century sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges
2006 Reviewer of book manuscripts and proposals for U Press of Kentucky and U of Tennessee Press
Summer 2005 Director of Ferrum College student Michelle Vincent's Lee B. Ledford summer scholarship project, "Studying the Oral Tradition with Folktales in the James Taylor Adams Collection," awarded by Appalachian College Association
2003-05 Co-editor, ALCA-Lines: Journal of the Assembly on the Literature and Culture of Appalachia
Sept. 2004 Reviewed textbook Successful Writing at Work for Houghton Mifflin
2002-2003 Reviewed manuscript of composition textbook Screen Play for Longman Publishers
July 2002, 2009 Judge for critical essay award, Francelia Butler Student Conference, Hollins University Summer Graduate Program in Children's Literature

With Judy Teaford, received Appalachian Studies Association's e-Appalachia award for AppLit web site

2000-2001 Director of project Teaching Appalachian Literature, funded by NEH Focus Grant
2000 Appalachian College Association Summer Fellowship for research on picture books and two conference presentations in Europe
1999-2000 Recipient of Ferrum College Cheatham Fellowship for research on Appalachian Literature
1995-1999 Secretary, Chair, Nominating Committee of SAMLA Children’s Literature Discussion Circle
1997-2000 Planning Committee and Paper Selection Committee for Children’s Literature Association Conference, Roanoke, 2000
1994-2008 Editorial consulting for journals Children’s Literature and Children's Literature Association Quarterly
1997-2007 Script consultant and editor for new plays by R. Rex Stephenson
1997-1999 Contributed bibliography entries, Humans within Ecosystems syllabus, and course assignments to web site Second Nature: Education for Sustainability (Resource Center database no longer available online 2002—see history of this web site)
1997 Judge for Lloyd Alexander Student Essay Contest, Purdue University
1985-1992 AAUW—Concord Branch Scholarship Chair and International Issues Representative


Children’s Literature Association, International Research Society for Children’s Literature, Children’s Literature Assembly, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, Appalachian Studies Association


Ferrum College, Franklin County, Virginia

1996-2010 Women's Leadership Conference Committee
2004-2010 Teacher Education Committee
2008-2011 Re-accreditation Editor for Ferrum College
2008-2009 Participant in ACA/Ferrum College project Strategically Integrating and Expanding Global Learning
July 2008 Participant in two-week assessment workshop, Ferrum College
Feb. 2008 Panelist at Williams Professor Dinner, discussion on scholarship and teaching, Ferrum College
Jan. 2008 Participant in book fair for Ferrum Elementary School, Barnes & Noble, Tanglewood Mall, Roanoke, VA
2004-2007 Student Learning and Assessment Committee
Dec. 2007 Judged student essays for African American Literature Conference
Nov. 2007 Participant in panel discussions on the death penalty and The Death of Innocents
2002-2004 Co-chair of Integrated Programming Board
2001-2007 Honors Program Committee
Sept. 2003 Presented display on AppLit at Franklin County Public Library Fundraising Festival, Rocky Mount
2003 Harry Potter Conference Planning Committee
2003-2005 Student Affairs Committee
April 2002 Participant in Earth Day program for Ferrum Elementary School
2002-2003 English Program Review Committee
2001-2002 English Department Search Committee
2001-2002 Grievance Committee
2001-2003 Calendar Committee
Apr. 2001 Reader on Read Across America Day, Dr. Seuss' Birthday, Ferrum Elementary School
1999-2001 SACS Self-Study Committee on Educational Programs
1994-99 Chair of Communications Board
1995-99 Adviser of English Club
1992-99 College Assessment Committee
1998-99 Integrated Programming Board
1992-99 Freshman English Committee
1994-98 Council of Independent Colleges Environmental Studies Project
1998 Presentation on picture books for Ferrum Elementary fifth grade
1997 Presentation on poetry at Benjamin Franklin Middle School
1995-96 Intellectual Experience Task Force
1995-99 Co-advisor and member of Femphasis (campus women’s group)
1992-93 Library Committee
1993 Literacy training for adult literacy tutoring in Franklin County


Concord College, Mercer County, West Virginia
1990-91 Editor of NCATE Institutional Report and related documents
1989-92 Faculty Senate (elected Faculty Secretary for 1991-92)
1988-92 Edited and wrote parts of Title III proposals and other reports for Concord College President and Development Office
1991–92 Division of Languages and Literature Personnel Committee
1991-92 Social Sciences Division Personnel Committee (outside member)
1990-92 Employed by Assistant Dean to edit proposal and reports on Early Childhood Intervention (grants funded by WV Departments of Education and Health), and proposals for new family resources center in Mercer County, WV
1991 Edited “Guide to Decision-Making in Wastewater/Drinking Water Management,” a Concord College project for southern West Virginia, funded by EPA (finished report selected by EPA Program Director for national distribution)
Other Committees
Academic Policy Committee, Academic Standards Committee, Grievance Committee, Division Curriculum Committee, other committees on English courses and curriculum
March 2010 Spring break in Berlin, visiting museums related to Holocaust, German history, art
Fall 2008 Audited Russian 304, Russian Culture, with Professor Sasha Saari, Ferrum College
May 2004 Study tour of Russia with Professor Sasha Saari
1968-75 Reference assistant in Springfield, OH public library (full-time summers, part-time academic year)
1974 Spring quarter studies at Exeter University, England, sponsored by Wittenberg Univ. English Dept.

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